Zinus Mattress: Our Review

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When shopping for a new mattress, the new bed-in-a-box trend is simultaneously exciting and frightening. You might shuffle through questions in your mind. Is it a good idea to buy a bed online? What if the mattress isn’t all it claims to be? A Zinus mattress is among many mattresses now available to buy online.

We investigated the Zinus mattress to see if it is a wise online purchase. We did our homework on Zinus and the mattresses they sell. We then compared the Zinus mattress collection to other mattresses sold online to determine if buying a Zinus mattress is worth the risk.

About Zinus Mattress

Zinus is a South Korean brand and manufacturer of mattresses and minimalistic bed platforms and frames. Zinus originally sold comfortable outdoor products and switched to beds and mattresses in 2003. Zinus has operations on both coasts of the US and five other countries around the world. Large-scale manufacturing facilities are set to open within the next year in China.

Comfort is the marketing point for the Zinus mattress. Their website has a helpful quiz to help find the best fitting bed. The best mattress options appear after entering answers about size, bed occupancy, and sleep positions.

The Zinus mattress is one of the most popular budget memory foam mattresses. Their inexpensive memory foam mattresses are infused with green tea and activated charcoal to provide long-term odor elimination.

Product Specs

Memory foam and springs are the two construction types for a Zinus mattress. They offer options for each of these constructions, as well as a combination mattress. Memory foam, spring mattress, and hybrid mattresses have a variety of benefits depending on sleep preferences.

Memory Foam

Mattresses made from memory foam distribute body weight evenly. Compared to spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses feel firm and they do not bounce. Antimicrobial memory foam doesn’t attract dust mites and mold, which makes it a good option for people with allergies. Memory foam mattresses are rolled, vacuum sealed, and placed in boxes for delivery. At home, the vacuum seal is broken, and the roll of memory foam expands into a mattress.

Spring Or Innerspring

Spring mattresses are bouncy mattresses filled with internal coils and usually covered with a plush exterior layer. Side sleepers may get the most pressure relief from a spring mattress. Spring mattresses have a cooler sleep temperature than memory foam. Receiving a spring mattress through the mail means receiving a very large delivery because it cannot be compressed; therefore, it always maintains the same shape, size, and form.


Hybrid mattresses are a combination of memory foam and springs. A hybrid mattress brings the best of both materials into one bed. Memory foam provides support and springs give the bed some bounce.


Each Zinus mattress type comes in standard US bed sizes. These sizes are:

  • Twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King


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Besides the size of the bed it will go on, every Zinus mattress has a thickness option to choose from. Selecting thickness for a mattress is important. Selecting a mattress that is too thick can carry the risk of sagging after time. If the mattress is too thin, sleep can be uncomfortable.

The thickness scale for a Zinus mattress ranges from 5 to 14 inches. Thickness options vary among Zinus mattress types. Check individual mattress specifications for details.


One of the biggest advantages to buying a Zinus mattress is the price. Zinus offers a variety of styles for budget prices. In the past, memory foam beds were extremely expensive, and out of the price range of many mattress buyers. Zinus helped usher in a new wave of affordable memory foam mattresses. Prices for mattresses from Zinus start at around $75 for a 5-inch Twin size memory foam bed. The high end of pricing is around $700 for a 12-inch King size spring mattress.

How It Compares

We put the Zinus mattress to the test to see how it stacks up against its competitors. Every mattress brand we reviewed has several mattress options to choose from. This is a cumulative review for all mattresses for each brand.

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

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Price - $​ to $​$

Prices for the Zinus mattress vary depending on the size, thickness, and material. A thin Twin-size bed is cheaper than a 14-inch California King, for example.

  • Comfort
  • Options & Quality
  • Packaging
  • Warranty

Zinus offers a limited 10-year warranty, which is about average for a bed at this price point.


  • Affordable memory foam beds
  • Good selection to choose from
  • Comfortable


  • Initial off-gassing odor 
  • Firmer than expected
  • Difficult to reach customer service

Signature Sleep 10" Coil Mattress

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Like a Zinus mattress, Signature Sleep is known for selling affordable mattresses. Signature Sleep is a mattress company that has been around for over 50 years. They have sold millions of mattresses. Mattresses from Signature Sleep are sold on their website and by partnering retail businesses.

Signature Sleep offers a few more options in mattress materials and construction than Zinus. Mattress materials offered by Signature Sleep are: standard coil, independent encased coil, memory foam, hybrid, and Nanobionic®.

The Signature Sleep website is straightforward in presenting what their mattresses do. The homepage features a simple, guided illustration for what the mattress is made of; whether it is firm, medium, or plush; and any other useful details about the mattress.

Price                         $​ to $​$

Signature Sleep is a strong competitor for Zinus. The low price is definitely a selling point for Signature Sleep.

  • Comfort
  • Options & Quality
  • Packaging
  • Warranty

Signature Sleep offers mattresses in Twin, Extra-Large Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes. California King size mattresses are not available from Signature Sleep. The quality is good for this price point.


  • Have options for all sleep positions
  • Durable 
  • Above-average motion isolation for the price point


  • May require a box spring or foundation
  • Strong off-gassing odor
  • Firmness is on the soft side 

Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress

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Olee has a “Six Innovation” strategy for their mattresses. Olee is committed to providing environmentally friendly alternatives in mattresses, foundations, and packaging. They use organic cotton, green tea, and fresh charcoal for odor and moisture control.
Olee mattresses materials are memory foam, spring, hybrid, foam and fiber, and gel-infused memory foam. Available sizes are Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King for Olee mattresses.

Price                          $ to $​$

The most expensive Olee mattress is a little more than Zinus and Signature Sleep, but still well within the budget-friendly category for mattresses.  

  • Comfort
  • Options & Quality
  • Packaging
  • Warranty

Olee offers a limited 10-year warranty for spring and memory foam mattresses. This is standard for mattresses in this price range.


  • Price
  • Eco-friendly 
  • True to description firmness and plushness
  • Expands quickly


  • Unwrapping odor
  • Too lightweight

 LUCID 12 Inch Twin Hybrid Mattress

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The Lucid website is helpful for determining which mattress to choose. The Lucid marketing strategy is built around the variety of choices their brand offers. Lucid mattresses come in three materials types: gel memory foam, latex, and hybrid. The Lucid hybrid is a combination of gel memory foam, latex, and steel coils. Sizes for Lucid mattresses are Twin, Extra-Large Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King. Thickness for Lucid beds range from 5 to 16 inches.

Price                          $​ to $​$

A 5-inch gel memory foam Twin mattress starts at $80. A 16-inch hybrid King-size Lucid mattress cost around $780.

  • Comfort
  • Options & Quality
  • Packaging
  • Warranty

Lucid offers a limited 20-year warranty for mattresses.


  • Cost-effective
  • Many options
  • Good motion isolation


  • Strong scent after unboxing
  • Lacking edge support

 Purple Queen Mattress

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The Purple mattress is unique in that it contains a hyper elastic polymer grid layer in between the layers of foam. This hyper-elastic polymer grid layer adds extra support for the body. The grid is also effective for keeping the body cool during sleep. The mattress is unique because it doesn’t contain the materials found in other mattresses.

The Purple website offers video tests to help buyers decide which mattress to choose. The website also features videos and GIFs that show the special hyper elastic polymer grid outside of the bed. They are entertaining and informative to watch.

There are two mattress styles to choose from. The Original Purple Mattress contains a 2-inch layer of the grid. The New Purple mattress provides a choice between 2-, 3-, or 4-inch layers of the grid. Purple mattresses come in Extra-Large Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes.

Price                         $​$ to $​$$

Pricing for Purple mattresses are substantially higher than the other mattresses in this review. A Twin-size Original Purple mattress starts at around $700. A California King New Purple Mattress tops out around $1900.

  • Comfort
  • Options & Quality
  • Packaging
  • Warranty

Purple mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty. Because Purple is more expensive, we expected the warranty to be longer.


  • Relieves back pressure
  • Cool in temperature
  • No unpleasant odor


  • Very heavy mattress
  • More expensive 
  • Runs a little firm
  • Prone to sagging


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Choosing a Zinus mattress is a good option for the budget-conscious bed shopper who wants a memory foam, spring, or hybrid mattress. The added bonus of having a bed delivered in a box is a major perk. Zinus mattresses are suitable for use with or without a box spring or platform. Options for selecting a desired size and thickness for a Zinus mattress are comparable with much more expensive mattresses.

The saying “you get what you pay for” doesn’t seem to apply to the Zinus mattress. Zinus truly shines when compared to pricier mattress brands. Zinus delivers a quality mattress for a fraction of the price of other manufacturers.