Bed quilts, modern or heirloom, bring a comforting touch to your surroundings

Bed quilts are something every loves to snuggled up underneath. Not only do they provide a feeling of security and comfort, but their traditional, hand-crafted appearance lends a special touch to whatever room you choose to plan to use the bed quilt – whether master bedroom, guest beds, children’s rooms, or as a throw over a special chair in the den.

A quilt can even be used as a wall hanging if properly mounted in a quilt holder for a country touch on the wall. Quilts for your beds can be found in the traditional patterns of the early pioneer days in America.

Women used scraps from old clothing, left over pieces of material from sewing projects and bits and pieces they located here and there to include in some of the loveliest bedding ever created. These hand-made antique quilts are now collector’s items and must be treated with very special care.

Some of this antique bedding can be used on your bed today, but care must be taken in the quilt’s use since age can damage threads and results in wear. A better option for today’s bed is the machine-made quilts which are readily available in bedding shops both online and in local stores – even discount stores.

But you’ll find that shopping for quilts is just so easy online because you really do have the world at your fingers. Not to mention that it’s fun too! Oftentimes, the modern quilt will be made from a tradition quilt pattern such as the wedding ring, diamond or friendship patterns.

With modern machinery producing the quilting process, prices are very low. Some modern quilts are partially hand-made and partially machine-made. These combination quilts are usually the most attractive and highest-quality bedding quilts you can purchase. Prices for these modern quilts for beds are inexpensive enough to give as gifts and will last for years and years with proper care.

A word of warning about cleaning modern quilts: if you have a regular washing machine, do not stuff a large quilt into the small tub and wash it. The quilt becomes heavy with water and when the washer enters the “spin” cycle, you can seriously harm you washer!

It is much better to take the quilt to a laundry where heavy-duty, large machines are available and can handle the weight of the large, wet quilt. If you have an antique quilt, perhaps a family heirloom hand-made quilt, never consider washing it yourself. The fact that is a valuable antique makes it well worth the small added expense of having a professional cleaner perform the quilt cleaning for you.

Special care needs to be taken with material that was stitched together into a beautiful quilt as much as 100 years or more ago. The cleaner will know the exact process to preserve the quilt properly AND will ensure the quilt is not damaged. If you damage an heirloom quilt by cleaning it yourself, you will be truly heartbroken is you come out with a ruined mess!

If you want to create a family heirloom for future generations, save scrap materials from clothing such as special, favorite items that have become worn in spots. A baby’s favorite outfit, the first day-of-school outfit, an Easter dress, prom dress or similar, memorable materials can be saved and sewn together using a simple quilt pattern you purchase.

Create this memory quilt and either add the batting (filler) and backing yourself, or take it to a seamstress if you do not think your sewing skills are up to the final steps. Then, provide your child or their spouse this memory quilt on a special occasion. Point out the different materials and what they represent and your young person or adult child will treasure this gift for years to come.

Not only will they appreciate all the work put into creating this special piece of bedding, but each time they look at the hand-made gift, they will remember both you and the events represented by the quilt.